In Real Life: Week 11

Happy Sunday, friends! Let’s take a look at week 11…

It’s been a rather gloomy week, here in the bay.

Seeing the fog in the trees still takes my breath away.

Grilled fajita salad for a BIG win.

This boy has been super lovey lately. Can you believe he’s gonna be 5 this year? Seems like he was a scrawny stray kitten just yesterday.

Back in the office this week.

Also dyed my hair. I’m pretty happy to be rocking my original brunette again.

There is always something beautiful to look for, even in the drizzle.

You just have to pay attention.

My umbrella got a lot of use this week.

This pretty much sums up each of their personalities.

I had a couple of hours to myself and 4 overripe bananas. It had to happen.

Night moves.

Welp. Guess I’m not moving.

I was super happy with this homemade breakfast.

Rainy days call for soup. It is known.

What a cool guy.

Somebody at the gym is a fan of Fox News and it drives me crazy. /barf

Some days I swear he thinks he’s a dog.

The lavender is in bloom. Hallelujah.


My heart. ❤

We spent the weekend at Mountain Ranch.

It’s the first time I’ve been back since Don’s memorial.

I believe he’s still here. ❤

It was also St. Patrick’s Day!

The streams were full.

I love the sound of running water.

There was also the tiniest dusting of snow on the north side of the mountains.

It was so nice to look out at the lake this morning. I could get used to that.

I want to be as comfy as this elephant.

And now it’s back to the grind! How was your week 11?

Have a great week!

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2017 Week 11


In Real Life: Week 10

Happy Sunday, friends! Here’s what our week 10 looked like…

Teasing Pato that I have Idaho Spud bars and he doesn’t. Neener neener neener!

The work cafeteria killed this chimichanga situation.

Spring has arrived here, in California.

He looks less and less like a baby every day.

So close… ugh!

Getting some much need introvert time

Happy hour ambiance.

Peace be with you.

Lifting the fog.

So that’s how the fairies get in!

Waiting for Grandma!

Mama’s little bean-eater!

Next stop: the beach, of course!

Tired baby isn’t so sure about this.

But Grandma sure is!

It’s always so nice to have her here.

Blue bear needs rest badly.

Date night!

Anxiously waiting.

Morning after vibes.

Adventures with Grandma continue!

I’d have the same shocked expression if I were made out of pennies, too.

Who, me?

I guess I don’t get to watch the movie after all.

Succulent hunting.

Mom and I sat through a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. 10/10 would recommend.

I see you.

It’s been fun to show her some of my favorite places.

Yes, please.

Porch cat.

And that’s a wrap! How was your week 10?

Much love,


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2017 Week 10

In Real Life: Week 9+

Hello, friends! The blog is a little late this week because I spent all weekend visiting family. But never fear! I still have plenty of photos to share. 🙂

Java java java

California love.

Went to see Black Panther last weekend. It was SO GOOD.

The theater had an epic ceiling.

They also sold candy IN BULK. Where has this been all my life?!

Tacos for two.

Killin’ leg day.

Occasionally I have a good hair day.

Progress update!

Parenting is hard.

Walking to clear my head.

Sometimes a good belly laugh is all you need to turn the day around.

Rockin’ that full lotus like a lifelong yogi.

“What are you looking at?”

The magnolias at work are still blooming.

I’m still obsessing over them.

Time for a brain break.

Spring vibes.

Get lost.

All aboard!

Leaving the bay.

Sometimes you have to get creative when trying to entertain a toddler on an airplane.

My grandpa has been sick. We’re not sure how much longer we’ll have with him, so Jack and I went to visit.

No matter how the next year turns out, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity spend some extra time with him.

Life is a constant circle.

Grandma was pretty excited to see Jack again, too.

Homemade popcorn + butter + powdered sugar. You won’t regret it.

Hometown haunts.

I love that the Flying M kept touches of the garage it used to be.

Love that red espresso machine.

“Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi


These made me laugh.

Love this idea.

If you’ve never had one, you’re missing out.

Headed back (home?). I still think of Boise when I say the phrase, “I’m going home.” Still can’t quite claim California yet.

And that’s a wrap! Have a great week 10!

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In Real Life: Week 8

Hello, friends! Here’s how our week 8 of 2018 looked…

Out for a Sunday stroll with my main man.

Joe Cool, right here.

Touches of V-day spirit everywhere.

My preferred candy heart would say, “BRING ME TACOS.”


Can I have one of these lotus lamps, pretty please?


I went a little Crazy Plant Lady last weekend.

I had one of these plants when I was a kid. It makes me stupidly happy to have one on my desk now. (Plus they’re basically impossible to kill, which is a definite advantage for me.)

Quiet time for mama.

Sunday night nacho sitch.

Eating guac like it’s his job.

I hope these two always like each other this much.

Rise and grind, baby.

Can you believe I’ve been working out consistently for 2 months now? Feels really good. Especially when I’ve got that post-leg day swell going on.

RELAXED to the max.


Almost ready to submit my application to grad school.

I wonder if kids these days will even understand that VCR once referred to a video recording. Or that cheap VCRs could eat your tapes if you weren’t careful.

You know. Totally normal terrarium stuff.

Part of me still wants to be a barista.

Ermagherd, it’s Starbucks Friday!

Getting to be such a big boy.

He’ll always be my baby, though.

Date night!

Hers and His.

My dad would approve.

Come to mama.

Tempted to decorate my house with some branches like those.


I don’t know how people smoke a pack or more of these a day. I took two drags and have had a cough and a sore throat ever since. Gross.

And that’s a wrap for week 8! What’s on your agenda for week 9? Whatever it is, I hope it’s good!

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Week 8: 2017

In Real Life: Week 7

Happy Sunday! Come take a look at our week 7 of 2018!

Splashing around is the best part of bath time.

Caught these little bandits looking awfully suspicious when I went to leave for work.


Cheesin’ with our new babysitter!


Robbie isn’t really into commercial holidays, but I couldn’t resist getting this for him.

Valentine’s Day happens to also be Pato’s birthday, so we went to dinner to celebrate together!

We went to an awesome Japanese restaurant and had some adventurous food.

My Gaijin palate preferred the easier things, like these epic pork buns.

Bacon-wrapped Enoki mushrooms were pretty tasty, too.

There is also a lovely version of this shot without the finger photobomb, but I actually like this one better.

Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re stuck in traffic is to just take a breath and enjoy the view.

Half mast, for yet another tragedy. Please Lord, let us be done with these atrocities soon.

Always looking for the light.

Homemade samosas are quickly becoming my favorite part of work potluck day.

Satisfying a craving.

Life always finds a way.

Feeling cute in my Friday Mom uniform.

Pancake mornings are always the best.

Jack agrees.

Went to the nursery and got some new plants to play with.

I think this air plant might be my current favorite.

Sweet sleeping baby feet.

Takin’ a moment just to chill.

We stole Daddy away from work for an afternoon ice cream break.

Happy Friday!

On Saturday I took the boys to the zoo!

We rode the carousel…

…and explored the children’s area…

…saw a genuine tortoise…

…and then pretended to be one ourselves!

We saw both an alligator and a crocodile – and even got to learn the difference!

And checked out the giraffes in the Africa exhibit.

We didn’t actually see quite as many animals as I would have liked.

But that’s okay, because we still had a really great time together.

We goofed around…

…and rode the gondola…

…and just really enjoyed ourselves. And that’s what really matters.

Jack and I played with some fun bathtub paint soap that we found.

This cat is not so happy to be in a hat.

After we moved Jack into James’ room, I claimed his old crib space for myself. Robbie painted his old desk white for me, and I’ve been really enjoying having it as my own space.

Bedtime shenanigans: “So it’s the first thing Jack will see when he gets up in the morning.”

“C’mon mom. Hurry up and lie down so we can snuggle already.”

And that’s a wrap! Have a great week 8!

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