In Real Life: Week 24

Happy week 24, everyone!

We kicked off our week with a trip to San Francisco!

We met Pato at a neat little brewery for lunch.

Lovin’ on Uncle Red Beard.

The Hell or High Watermelon. Tasty! And reminded me a lot of Blue Moon.

Since they don’t want you walking out the front door with booze.

Jack Jack, get out of my Totchos!

Baseball time!

We had AMAZING seats.

And we got Jack his first baseball cap!

He was such a good boy for the whole game. And our neighbors were in love with him.

My boy Hunter Pence! And here comes the pitch…

This one was good for a double!

Before they blew it and gave up 3 more runs.

It was a near-perfect day with my little American boy.

Sometimes I love our morning summer marine layer.

More flowers from our awesome nanny.

And farm fresh eggs, too!

This is how we feel about teething.

That’s better. 🙂

Roses from my awesome hubby when I wasn’t feeling well.

Winding down for sleeps.

This little succulent leaf wasn’t ready to be done with life just yet.

My handsome boy!

Miss Judge-y Pants.

Tummy time!

The pool is the best place to spend Friday.

Followed by ice cream, of course.

But don’t trust that your “SPF 20” daily face lotion will be enough sunscreen for a day at the pool. Whoops.

And then the best way to spend Saturday is by the ocean.

“Natural bridges.”

Welcome to Surf City, USA!

It’s a rule that if there is a truck selling fresh fish tacos beside the ocean you have to get some. You must.

Low tide is magical.

One time while I was walking along West Cliff last summer there was a man standing on this exact cliff ledge playing the Rocky theme on a trumpet. I wonder if this little memorial is for him.

I love how lush the California coast line is.

Those two have the best view. Obviously.

The last few days have been SO HOT. And since nobody believes in air conditioning here, I’ve decided that we are going to be spending a lot of time in our new little kiddie pool this summer.

We were supposed to go see Wonder Woman last night, but our babysitter fell through. So we took Jack with us and went out for dinner and drinks instead.

Irish nachos at Rosie McCann’s.

Pato says that if you go to Ireland and ask for an Irish Car Bomb they will look at you funny. Apparently he knows from experience.

Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads out there! What’s everybody up to this week?

Stay cool!

In Real Life: Week 23

We had a pretty awesome week 23. Here’s how it looked…

Comfy kitty.

Recharging at The Verve.

Sunday introvert comforts.

I had no idea that it was Pride until I stumbled upon the parade.

Downtown got way into it.

There were little hints of rainbow magic everywhere.

Some were subtle.

Some not so much.

Pride aside, it was also just a really nice day to be downtown.



…and weird.

That’s Santa Cruz for you.

I unfortunately came home with a MAJOR headache.

It was nothing some ibuprofen and a cold compress couldn’t help.


Jack loves to have his blankie up by his face. It makes me super nervous, but every time I move it he pulls it back.

Our nanny brought us fresh flowers from her garden. She’s just the best.

“Do you take pictures of EVERYTHING?”

“Yep. Even you, smarty pants.” *snap*

I love the lobby ceiling at work.

I want to be a lazy house cat in my next life.

My boys! *heart eyes emoji x3*

A little off the wall on the wall.

Why yes, I did go to The Verve twice in one week.

Starting Jack’s hipster training early.

Who you callin’ chicken?

Actual footage of me waiting for James to finish telling a story.

This is Chopper. Yes, she is judging you.

I’m going to get into so much trouble when I can finally start buying real shoes for Jack.

Flirty baby!

Did y’all watch results roll in for the British election? I’ve decided that I’m going to become English so I can choose between voting for the Black Knight or Elmo.

Apparently the dude dressed up like the Black Knight goes by the name Lord Buckethead, and he’s been running for office since 1987.


Livin’ that taco life.

I see myself drinking many, many mojitos this summer.

We’re kicking off week 24 with a trip to San Francisco… what are you guys up to? Whatever it is, have a great week! Cheers!

In Real Life: Week 22

Happy Sunday, friends! Here’s what our week 22 looked like…

I splurged for a design this month. It was worth every penny.

More board games! This time we played Seven Wonders… I felt pretty good about my third-out-of-five finish.

We also played another round of Betrayal at House on the Hill. I wound up being the bad guy this time, and got my ass swiftly beaten.

Babies holding babies!

My table may be perpetually cluttered, but at least I have roses on it.

Rock on, baby boy!

Ain’t nothin’ more American than grilling hotdogs on Memorial Day.

James spent the week home with strep. Poor kid was really down for the count for the first few days. But after a couple of days of antibiotics he was back to his usual playful self.

He also made a little book at school, which he chose to do on airsoft. I love that he wanted to tell everyone that my gun is named The Baby Eater. I can’t imagine what his teacher must have thought, though…

Robbie at it with the bomb tuna melts again.


Loving his new toy!

Pancakes for the sick boy.

Baby’s first piggy back ride!

This week was fueled by a lot of coffee.

And after a real shitty day at work on Friday, I had no regrets about inhaling a giant burrito for dinner. I had a definite food baby afterward.

Saturday almost made up for Friday, though.

The boys and I spent most of the afternoon at the park.

Relay for Life had set up in the park, which meant that nobody was playing on the playground. James was pretty sad until he realized that they would let him play in their bouncy house instead.

He jumped for almost two hours while Jack and I played in the shade.

He was so mesmerized by the leaves on the tree! And he finally figured out how to roll over this week. Finally. I was starting to get worried.

Ice cream was just what the doctor ordered after a day at the park.

My handsome big kid agreed.

This is James’ last week of school, and then it’s officially SUMMER!

Have a great week 23, everyone!

In Real Life: Week 21

Here’s a peek at our 21st week of 2017…

“Yes ma’am? May I help you?”

My mama paid for me to have a massage as a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

I found this lovely little spa nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains a couple of years ago via Groupon. I’m always impressed at the feel of her outdoor space.

It’s just lush, and full of details.

Baby birds! Gotta love spring.

Tostada remnants.

James thought my Henry Weinhard’s root beer was so cool. I matched the editing to his old west attitude.

The rest of Sunday consisted of a lot of food prep.

Including this whole chicken, which I butterflied and roasted on the grill.

Sometimes I’m good at this game.

A perfect mid-week hike.

There’s a little trail a few miles from home, which i used to hike a lot before I got pregnant with Jack.

It was always one of my favorite places to think and meditate and pray.

I used to spend a lot of time asking God why he wouldn’t let me have a baby.

And now I get to bring Jack, and all feels complete.

I noticed a lot of new details on our hike.

Like this tree, which I’ve walked past dozens of times, but never realized was twisted until this week.


I love how even amongst decay, there is still life.

We even made a new (furry) friend on the trail.

My sweet, sleepy boys.

Froyo with Auntie Critto.

Jack was pretty happy to have a bottle with a handle on it. He’s getting pretty good at feeding himself.

Friday got off to a good start.

Sunny Saturday.

I don’t always love being a widow to swordfighting. Even though that’s been my life in one way or another for nearly 10 years now.

But I do love how badass my husband looks when he’s in his groove.

Passion tea and Birks. Feels like summer.


We got a babysitter for a change and checked out this neat little taproom with some friends.

The place was hopping! And the beer was pretty good.

They had beers from a ton of different breweries, including quite a few local places. I sampled several. Even the local kombucha that Pato accidentally poured was quite tasty.

And then I got to come home to this sweet boy, who apparently wasn’t quite ready for bed yet.

And that’s a wrap! Have a great week 22, everyone!

In Real Life: Week 20

Happy week 20, everyone! Here’s what our week looked like…


Taquitos for the win.

Oliver loves anything that can be used as a fort.

Even Jack’s exersaucer.

How adorable is Jack in James’ steampunk glasses?


“Excuse me… which way to the chemistry lab?”


Friday night eeeeeeeats. Vanilla vodka is tasty in good root beer.

“What do you want, mom? I’m kinda busy here.”

Mine too, Henry. Mine too.

I took the kids to the swimming pool on Saturday. James made fast friends with some random kids there, of course.

Jack and I splashed and floated for a while, and then he passed out hard for a nap.

And I took the opportunity to read a little while both kids were otherwise occupied for a change.

If this is what it will always be like, I think we may spend most of the summer there.

And then we capped the day off with some ice cream. Of course.

Have a great week 21!