In Real Life: Week 49

Happy Sunday! Here’s what our week 49 looked like…

We got our tree up!

Jack has been mesmerized.

Just like he was last year. (2 weeks old!)

He’s only taken like 3 ornaments off so far.

Some of my favorite ornaments are these pinecones I tied fishing wire around a few years ago.

Another favorite is this gondola car that we bought at Lake Tahoe on our first anniversary.

And, of course, this one will always be cherished.

And this one, too.

Almost 11 and still playing astronaut.

I put some of our extra decorations inside the wine barrel that serves as our coffee table. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

It’s so nice that we can meet Daddy for lunch on my days off.

Especially when there’s a brand new Habit Burger just down the street that’s handing out free food.

He was 30% off at the gift shop. It was clearly meant to be.

Gorgeous sky after work.

Came home to find this adorable cuddle puddle.

Pretty Christmas greens.

Important meeting at the Christmas duckie convention. (These were some of Jack’s first stocking stuffers!)

Breakfast is very serious business.

Saturday morning eeeeeeeats.

I ate a lot of good food on Saturday, actually.

Like this epic sushi roll.

And this Tamagoyaki that Pato convinced me to try.

This is why I like eating with Pato. He helps me try interesting foods that I would normally never even think of ordering.

Look at all that Nigiri! He’s a braver man than I.

Bow to sensei.

Started the night with whiskey. Finished with rum. (So much rum.)

And in other exciting things on Saturday, here’s before…


…and after! I’m really digging the red color and the shorter length.

I want a leopard print tree skirt.


And that’s a wrap! How was your week 49?


In Real Life: Week 48

Here’s how our week 48 looked…

Snuggle bug.

Yes, I have now become that person who has labeled cords.

The leaning tower of laundry.

The struggle is real, y’all.

Goofing around while we wait for Daddy’s flight to get in.

He’s such a sweetheart.

It’s a cat in a hat! She didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did.

I may look happy changing clothes before having an abdominal ultrasound, but really, I felt pretty awful. Turns out my spleen is enlarged right now. Doctor isn’t real sure why… probably something to do with having mono several years back and then getting hit with that gnarly virus a couple weeks ago.

Thankfully, I am starting to feel a bit better after trying to take it easy all week. Still not 100%, though.

Side note: I wonder how many people accidentally push this code blue button when they’re trying to call the elevator? Things you think about when you work in the medical field.

The air is beginning to have that winter feel to it. Well, as much as we can call it winter in central California.

The Christmas decor is out in full swing at work.

I’m not afraid to admit that I love it.

We haven’t gotten our tree up yet, but maybe tonight!

I give this stinker about 5 minutes before he pulls half the ornaments off, once we do get it up.

Too cool for school.

I laughed so hard when this Instagram filter made him look like Elton John.

They think they own the place.

Eating a quesadilla all by himself, like a big boy!

Going to our favorite taqueria just isn’t the same without our friends who just moved across the country. /uglycry

He definitely earned a Saturday afternoon nap this week.

Pot roast with red wine braising liquid. Amen.

If you think you don’t like brussels sprouts, try them roasted. Trust me.

And that’s a wrap! How was your week 48?

Have a great Sunday, friends!

In Real Life: Week 47

Hello, friends! Here’s a peek at our week 47…

Have you ever seen a more beautiful rainbow?

I wonder who lives in the condo with that open window. Probably someone very interesting to live in such a nice place.

I see what you did there.

Shut up and take my money, Container Store.

Thought I’d pop into Safeway “real quick” to grab a few things on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. BAD IDEA. Moving e-cart to the top of the list of things I’m grateful for this year.

Cloudy autumn days make me want to curl up and take a nap.

Many of the trees around here are almost done losing their leaves.

Goooooood morning.

Since I was the only one who wanted apple pie at our Thanksgiving this year, I put my energy into making apple tarts instead.

And then I topped one with whipped cream and ate it with bacon for breakfast, because of course.

I had some extra puff pastry, so I made cinnamon twists for those apple pie-haters, too.

We had a pretty mellow Thanksgiving day, just the four of us.

I butterflied, brined, and grilled a chicken, rather than a turkey.

Jack “helped” me make rolls.

Proofin’. (Recipe here. Easy peasy, and 100% worth it.)

It’s not Thanksgiving without stuffing, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes, too.

I’m so grateful for this cheesy kid.

Silly me… I thought we were going to take a nap together.

Tradition dictates that soup must be made the day after Thanksgiving.

It is known.

And if there’s time, fresh egg noodles must be made, too.

It’s easier to cut the dough into noodles if you roll it up first.

Trust me.

You’ll want ’em pretty wide, for maximum chewy goodness.

Let ’em dry for a couple of hours.

Then toss ’em in. Not all at once, though, or they’ll all stick together.

Then take a cue from your lazy house cat and take a luxurious afternoon nap.

Living on the edge after baby bedtime: watching Beauty and the Beast and folding laundry. Aw yeah.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Have a great week 48!

In Real Life: Week 46

Hello everyone! I’m going to be honest… our week 46 was pretty lame. I have been sick for most of the week, so I’ve barely left the house and haven’t taken many pictures. But I’ll share what I do have, because hey, it’s real life.

We got some real rain this week. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

Jack’s actual birthday was on Tuesday. I know everyone says this, but it still amazes me that it’s been a year already. But, also cliche, I can hardly remember what life was like before him, so in many ways I can’t believe it’s only been a year. (And moms everywhere nod their heads.)

I have kind of assigned myself the role of work-birthday-celebration-organizer. This week I hosted the first of what I hope will be a monthly birthday potluck. Joe brought these awesome meatballs that had a surprise ingredient in the sauce… grape jelly!

I kind of inadvertently wound up with a Samsung tablet – lucky me! And even though I initially balked at the idea of using a coloring app, I’ve actually really been enjoying being able to use that side of my creative brain without having to pull out a book and all the pencils and the sharpener, etc, etc.

I was down for the count on Friday, and simply could NOT keep up with this kid. My house may never recover.

Especially since he is always into EVERYTHING.

It’s a good thing he’s cute.

Silver lining: I got to binge-watch The Deuce. I wish I was half as talented as Maggie Gyllenhaal.

And honestly? That’s it for this week. This is day #5 of not feeling well, and I still hardly feel like I’m getting better. Hopefully I’ll have more to share next week.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Much love,


In Real Life: Week 45

It’s been a whirlwind week 45! Let’s take a look…

I highly recommend taking a drive through the woods any chance you get.

Don’t be afraid to pull over and just breathe for a little while.

Embrace the feeling of smallness.

I spent all of last weekend purging/cleaning/organizing James’ room in preparation for moving Jack into it soon. It still isn’t perfect, but it’s a whole lot better than it was.

Fancy tea is fun.

My little Jawa.

We got these new home sleep study machines at work, so I was a guinea pig and wore it for a night. It was surprisingly not uncomfortable, and come to find out I actually have mild obstructive sleep apnea!

Cloudy mornings make for epic sunrises.

What my mornings at the office usually look like, complete with the happy light and all.

Construction of the new hospital building is really starting to progress!

Learning to feed oneself is a messy business.

Evening chills.

Baby butt!

These autumn leaves can hang on as long as they want to.

For realsies. They’re my favorite.

Brothers. โค

When the two gorgeous bouquets our nanny gave us started to wilt, I took them apart and made my own arrangement with the flowers that were still good. Didn’t turn out half bad, if I may say so!

The highlight of our week was definitely having Grandma and Auntie Meggie here for Jack’s birthday party.

They pulled off a huge surprise by bringing my BFF, Savannah, along too! I was totally shocked when I saw her at the airport.

Since she’d never been to Santa Cruz before, we had to show her the sights!

Look at that seagull. Walking around like he owns the place.

Whoever you are, Allison, wherever you are, I hope you are at peace.

Capitola has so much personality.

I think it’s safe to say that she likes the beach.

Not a bad place to have an afternoon snack.

I took them down to the last Food Truck Friday of the season.ย  (Get the YOLO fries, trust me.)

What a good daddy.

Then Saturday was the big day!

We went with a Dr. Seuss theme. Inspired, honestly, by Jack’s love of his stuffed Thidwick the Moose.

He looked so cute in his little hat…

…but of course, he wouldn’t keep it on. But he did enjoy the cake!

His little onesie was pretty fun, too.

I had so much fun celebrating with him!

And we have so many new toys now!

I can’t tell you how happy it made me to have my family here to celebrate with us.

Birthday boy PASSED OUT once we got home.

After the party, the ladies got to go to the annual crab feed!

None of us had ever been to one of these before, so it was a new experience!

When they say all you can eat crab, they mean all you can eat crab.

The hall was FULL. And once the food came out everyone dug in and feasted. It was such a cool community experience!

Come to mama.

In crab(hog) heaven!

Leave it to me to cut myself with a crab shell.

My mom always makes instant new friends.

Next year I’m bringing a lobster hat.

Then after dinner, there was dancing! I will forever be a sucker for a live band and a packed dance floor. It’s in my genes.

And after we’d had enough fun, we capped off the night by enjoying the glow of the boardwalk from the cliffs. Perfect.

It was truly an amazing weekend. I am so grateful.

And now it’s back to the grind for week 46! Have a great one, everybody!