Baby Starks: Week 21

Hey everybody! It’s week 21!

And the big, exciting news is…


…we’re having a boy!

Turns out my dreams were not clairvoyant after all. 🙂 I think we were all hoping for a girl, including James, but we are still nonetheless thrilled about our little man. It’s time to go buy some blue!

We were all super anxious for the appointment, including my mom, who helped me painstakingly count down the hours to when it was finally time to go in. And since my appointment was late in the afternoon, I actually staged the shots with the balloons earlier in the day so we could announce on Facebook as soon as we knew. Not gonna lie, I was a little sad when I had to take those pink shoes back. Oh well.. maybe next time. 🙂


But the time finally came, and there was no denying it once the ultrasound tech got the right shot up on the screen…


…he’s definitely all boy. 🙂


Beautiful and healthy, and measuring in right on track. My doctor says he weighs about the same as a can of soda right now. It was a long appointment, too, since they wanted to get a good look at all of the important parts, so we got to take a good long look at him. I couldn’t believe how active he was, too! I’m definitely feeling him a lot more these days, but it was amazing how much movement was happening that I could see but couldn’t necessarily feel. He even did a complete somersault while we were there!


After the appointment, I made one more stop for balloons (all blue this time!) and put them into a box. When James got home, we skyped in with our families for a little low-key reveal. It was bit chaotic, and honestly a little difficult to juggle two different video calls at once, but it was still fun. I think a few people were surprised, but everyone was excited.


And while I was standing in the floral department waiting for my balloons to be filled, I saw this adorable blue elephant and knew I just had to have him. I walk by him in my room all the time now, and it’s hard not to stop and snuggle him and imagine that maybe one day our little guy might carry him everywhere. And those shoes! I die.

Meanwhile, baby and I are both continuing to grow.


The little guy is the length of a baby bok choy this week! I had one app tell me that he was the length of a cantaloupe, but I just can’t come to terms with that size yet. Part of the reason for the big size jump this week is that apparently now we are measuring head to toe, rather than crown to rump like before. Either way, keep growing, little man!

Not a whole lot has changed in the “how I’m feeling” front. I’m still having heartburn every day, and still dealing with swollen feet. I also feel like I am hungry all the time, but not really craving anything in particular right now. Overall I feel like I’m doing a better job of eating a more balanced diet, and I’ve been keeping my desire for sweets more in check lately with some dark chocolate-covered almonds instead of ice cream or cake. It feels almost like I’ve reached some stage of normalcy in this ever-changing phase of life.


So we’ll just be here growing away until the next update. Cheers!

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