Baby Starks: Week 25

Happy week 25, friends!


How big is the baby?

Baby is now the size of a papaya! It’s been a long week, so no produce for comparison, sorry.

The other day one of my tracker apps told me that my uterus was now the size of a soccer ball, and I literally laughed out loud because, no kidding! I’m so big that I’m afraid I’m going to have my own gravitational pull soon.

How am I feeling?

The hormones are raging these days. On one hand, I am not sleeping well. No matter how exhausted I feel during the day, I have difficulty going to sleep, and then half the time I wake up at 3 and can’t go back to sleep. With me still working four 12-hour shifts per week with an hour commute each way, this equates to very little sleep for mama. Which, as you can imagine, is extremely frustrating.

Then, in addition to – or possibly due to – the lack of sleep, I’ve been having major mood swings. I haven’t been teary so much as just filled with rage. I get angry so easily now, and I have very little patience for anything inconvenient. And then pretty quickly anger turns into “fuck it” and complete apathy for anything. Which creates stress because I didn’t do what needed to get done, which turns into anger, which turns into continuing to not care about anything. Oh depressive cycle, how I know you well.


I’m also constantly hungry, yet I seem to have no room left for food. I’ve been having to take breaks in the middle of meals because I simply can’t fit everything in there at once like I used to. Scoot over, little man! I’m also uncomfortable pretty much all the time. Sciatic pain is a real thing, and I’ve become good friends with the tennis ball and the wall. There is also this one spot on the left side of my belly that randomly tightens every now and then for no apparent reason – it’s very distracting!

On the plus side, baby continues to kick away like crazy in there, so much so that Robbie actually got to feel him kick for the first time last week! James is very excited to feel soon, too. He keeps hoping he might even be able to see a little footprint, but I told him that’s not likely to happen, lol.


Meanwhile, I’m putting the finishing touches on our baby registries in anticipation of our baby shower next month. I’m so excited! My lovely sister-in-law, Chrystal, is throwing it for me, and my mom, sister, and grandma are all flying out to come! Plus, picking things out is so much fun! I’m trying to stay practical and register for really useful (and hopefully not too expensive) things, and staying away from all of the adorable baby clothes that I could easily fill 5 pages with. I don’t even know if I should register for baby clothes at all, since I feel like people will inevitably buy them for us anyway. And how many newborn clothes do you really need? Who knows how long he will even fit into that size? Maybe he’ll be a complete chunk who fits into 3-month clothes after like 1 week! So many things I still don’t know!


I feel like I’m really getting into “Plan all the things!” mode, too. I’ve been doing some homework on maternity leave for work, and that has me really wanting to nail things down. And since it’s looking like my leave may be shorter than I would really like, lately my brain has been all abuzz trying to learn about increasing breastmilk supply and pumping schedules and how to store it. Again, there is so much to learn, and I feel like there are way more opinions and strategies on it than I could ever possibly hope to master. So I have a feeling baby and I are just gonna have to figure it out as we go along, which isn’t easy for my type-A brain to accept, especially with a short amount of time to figure it out in. But I’m trying not to stress to much about it.

I’m also pretty sure I’m driving Robbie crazy by brainstorming about other things that don’t need worrying about yet, like what to pack in the hospital bag and where to put our not-yet-existent gliding rocking chair. But hey, I’m a Capricorn… planning is what I DOOOO!

Anyway… that’s pretty much it for this update. See you all back in a couple of weeks!

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