In Real Life: Week 18

Here’s what our week 18 looked like…

Sunday started with a walk/jog around the park by myself. It’s so much easier to pace myself without the stroller, and I don’t have to worry that Jack will wake up if I stop to take photos of pretty things like these.

And then I came home and had lunch with this little monkey. He’s really loving real food these days… bananas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, apples, pears… he’s almost not even interested in milk anymore.

I’ve been trying to stop and take a walk outside at work every once in a while. I’ve also decided that I want a lavender plant for home.

The hospital actually has a pretty neat little walking path, that is great for taking a break to clear your head when you need it.



Jack is really into his feet right now. I’m waiting for him to figure out how to put them in his mouth.


He’s already figured out how to do that with everything else.


I bent down to photograph this little dude, and then realized that I could see the path where he had dragged himself onto the concrete from the grass. Neat.

Tulips, day 3.

Tulips, day 6.

Mama is apparently hilarious.

Calories don’t count on Cinco de Mayo, right?

Jack has been very clingy in the afternoons. Wakes up from his naps screaming and demanding comfort. After spending all week away from him at work, I’m happy to oblige.

He’s perpetually in motion, otherwise.

Morning hair, don’t care.

Robbie and James have been out of town all weekend doing their swordfighting thing. Thanks, Tara, for taking awesome pictures so we can be there in spirit, too!


This is possibly the best candid photo ever taken of James. His shaggy hair actually looks good, for once, too.

I’ve been keeping busy at home with things like putting this mirror together myself. I’m excited to finally replace the cheap old one that’s had a broken frame for well over a year now.

I also took Jack out to West Cliff for a little jog on Saturday.

It was rather overcast and pretty windy, but Jack didn’t seem to mind too much.

The scenery was still beautiful anyway.

West Cliff has been one of my favorite places to walk and be near the ocean since we moved here, 3 years ago(!) now. It feels a little special to get to bring Jack now, too.

I love how nature eventually takes over everything if you let it.

Wild Saturday night.

How was your week? See you next Sunday!

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