In Real Life: Week 24

Happy week 24, everyone!

We kicked off our week with a trip to San Francisco!

We met Pato at a neat little brewery for lunch.

Lovin’ on Uncle Red Beard.

The Hell or High Watermelon. Tasty! And reminded me a lot of Blue Moon.

Since they don’t want you walking out the front door with booze.

Jack Jack, get out of my Totchos!

Baseball time!

We had AMAZING seats.

And we got Jack his first baseball cap!

He was such a good boy for the whole game. And our neighbors were in love with him.

My boy Hunter Pence! And here comes the pitch…

This one was good for a double!

Before they blew it and gave up 3 more runs.

It was a near-perfect day with my little American boy.

Sometimes I love our morning summer marine layer.

More flowers from our awesome nanny.

And farm fresh eggs, too!

This is how we feel about teething.

That’s better. 🙂

Roses from my awesome hubby when I wasn’t feeling well.

Winding down for sleeps.

This little succulent leaf wasn’t ready to be done with life just yet.

My handsome boy!

Miss Judge-y Pants.

Tummy time!

The pool is the best place to spend Friday.

Followed by ice cream, of course.

But don’t trust that your “SPF 20” daily face lotion will be enough sunscreen for a day at the pool. Whoops.

And then the best way to spend Saturday is by the ocean.

“Natural bridges.”

Welcome to Surf City, USA!

It’s a rule that if there is a truck selling fresh fish tacos beside the ocean you have to get some. You must.

Low tide is magical.

One time while I was walking along West Cliff last summer there was a man standing on this exact cliff ledge playing the Rocky theme on a trumpet. I wonder if this little memorial is for him.

I love how lush the California coast line is.

Those two have the best view. Obviously.

The last few days have been SO HOT. And since nobody believes in air conditioning here, I’ve decided that we are going to be spending a lot of time in our new little kiddie pool this summer.

We were supposed to go see Wonder Woman last night, but our babysitter fell through. So we took Jack with us and went out for dinner and drinks instead.

Irish nachos at Rosie McCann’s.

Pato says that if you go to Ireland and ask for an Irish Car Bomb they will look at you funny. Apparently he knows from experience.

Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads out there! What’s everybody up to this week?

Stay cool!

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