In Real Life: Week 25

Here’s a look at our 2017 week 25…

Baby boy!

Getting to soak my feet in cold water whenever I want is about the only thing keeping me from stabbing people in this heat.

Our monthly board game Sunday! We got a pretty awesome haunt this time, too.

Getting her baby fix.

I stubbed my toe on a big heavy crate we have. I thought it was broken by how much it hurt and how purple it turned, but, thankfully, it seems to be healing quickly.

Trying to make better food choices.

There’s something pretty and nostalgic about a stamped tin ceiling.

Mama and baby dressed to match in our Giants shirts.


Why are tater tots so effing delicious?

Everything is beautiful if you choose to look at it that way.

He’s sitting so well by himself lately.

And standing with less help, too!

Fill in the blank ____.

A perfect fresh, summery dinner.

Enjoying dinner in his new high chair!

Playing with mama.

Thanks, Lola.

What a flirt!


Mama’s boy.

Fried rice Friday is kinda of turning into a regular thing.

I was feeling motivated this week, so I got out and did couch to 5K Day One. Again. Because falling off the bandwagon doesn’t mean there’s no point in getting back on.

It was a foggy morning at the park.

But I got to wind through the dreamy neighborhood beside it…

…and dream about having a yard of my own again one day.

Congrats, Fiks!

This boy loves his daddy.

Little hamburglar.

Getting ready to go into banana bread.

Can you believe the year is already half over? I’m pretty proud, too, that I’ve been doing this blog post weekly for six whole months! I’m excited to keep it going!

What are you up to this week? Whatever it is, have a great one!

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