In Real Life: Week 28

Happy week 28, everyone! It’s been a crazy awesome week for us… let’s take a look!

We started Sunday by going to the paddle out for Jack O’Neill.

It was a giant event to memorialize Mr. O’Neill, who was a long-time resident of Santa Cruz and surfing legend. He passed away earlier this year.

He is credited with inventing the modern wetsuit, and founded the O’Neill surfing company.

Thousands of people came to pay tribute. This was the crowd we encountered when we showed up an hour and a half early.

Also, that house with the porch sticking out over the cliff apparently belonged to Jack. I had no idea until we got there.

Hundreds of people took to the water, on surfboards and boats.

Many paddled out with flowers in their teeth, to toss into the ocean for Jack.

It was too foggy to get a very good picture, but the enormous crowd of surfers formed a giant circle around the boats. On cue, they all began whooping and splashing in the water, and it was surreal to experience from the cliffs.

Another thing I learned: apparently Jack’s son is credited with inventing the ankle leash on the modern surfboard.

Jack came with me, and he was a total trooper.

There were an impressive amount of bikes parked along the side streets. Another indication of the enormous crowd.

You too!

I’m sure it’s true.

Welcome to Santa Cruz!

Making more homemade ice cream. Chocolate this time.

The only thing that could have made it better was adding brownie chunks. Which of course I did.

I may or may not have been eating it straight out of the carton all week.

Big boy wanted to be in the kitchen with mama.

It was fun until he faceplanted on the linoleum trying to chase the cup.

Had some free time after a class, so I decided to be good and go for a run. Didn’t think about the fact that it was 90 degrees at the time, though… I totes wanted to stick my head in that creek.

People have been telling me about Aqui ever since I moved to California. I finally tried it, and it is pretty tasty! Gotta go back and try the swirl when I don’t have to drive.

I also tried a new coffee shop this week. Great Bear was pretty cute.

And their breakfast burrito is pretty dang delicious, too.

Downtown Los Gatos is pretty adorable.

Good morning!

And then the highlight of our week… going to Idaho!

Oliver did not come with us, as much as he wanted to.

First we had lunch with Grandma…

…and G-pa…

…and Auntie Nene…

…and then we stopped to see Amuma on the way home.

And home it will always be.

Mike’s Hard Strawberry Lemonade with my Meggie in the wading pool in the 100 degree heat. #summer

I miss having a garden.

Happy flower.

G-pa bought Jack his own pool. Of course.

We were so excited to try it that we didn’t even bother with a swimsuit. Naked baby time!

What are you looking at, mushroom boy?

Hanging with G-pa before bedtime.

He’s determined to have him walking before we leave.

Then Saturday morning we went downtown for the Stampede pancake breakfast and parade.

My mom was a rodeo queen back in the day.

The Junior Jammers! How adorable is that tiny girl in the middle?

We met up with Grandpa Foreman for breakfast. My dad hasn’t changed a bit.

Savannah was there too!

Every store front was decorated for the rodeo.

Little pancake eater.

We walked around…

…and goofed off…

…and checked out the train depot…

…and I, of course, took a million pictures.

Savannah says, “You do remember that you used to live here, right?”

She reminds me of Maggie Simpson.

And then it was time for the parade!

Of course, the American flag always leads.

I rode in that stagecoach for the parade once when I was a kid. I felt so special.

So many rodeo queens!

Even junior queens! “Look ma, no hands!”

They start ’em young around here.

Drill teams, too. Go left…

…then right…

We were so hot and sweaty, but we had a great time anyway.



“There’s gonna be a shootout!”

Totally passed the lady on the right coming out of the bathroom. She stayed in character the whole time.

Vaqueros. Wish I had gotten a good photo of the guy doing awesome lasso tricks, but no luck.

We’ve come a long way since 7th grade basketball.

Also, I kind of love that we’re standing right under a Coors Light sign with our kids, lol.

Some things never change.

And our trip continues today! Can’t wait to share more pictures next week!

Have a greet week, everyone!

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