In Real Life: Week 29

Here’s a look at our week 29…

We started the week still in Idaho, and enjoying some morning Gpa kisses.

I left Jack with grandma and grandpa for a bit while I went for a run.

I was a bit surprised at how short the corn still was for being mid-July.


Sorry guys. I do not have treats for you.

This place will always feel like home to me.

I can’t wait for these two to go fishing together.

In my grandpa’s front yard.

Chester is huge. He’s gotta have an ancestor who was a bobcat or something.

He also has thumbs!

Goin’ Dutch with my Meggie.

Side note: can we please get a Dutch Bros in Santa Cruz? Pretty please?

Of course, we had to go more than once. Meggie’s usual is the Grasshopper. Mine’s the Cocomo.


Ugh. As much as I miss home, I’m not sure I could be a blue girl in a red state anymore.

Grandma’s boy.

He was getting pretty fond of Auntie Nene, too.

The view from the hot tub.

Followed by a backyard fire. Man, I missed this.

Big boy got to go on his first 4-wheeler ride!

While mama went for a walk.

Hello, little pony.

My parents remodeled their bathroom. I am too short for their new mirror.

You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.

Sitting in the cart like such a big boy!

I think Grandma Carrie missed him.

It was the perfect day to go swimming.

And it was so good to have Jamesy back, too!

He finally has enough hair for it to get messed up.

An obligatory stop on our last day.

Grandma had to go show him off.

I hope everyone had a great time at the Pacific Northwest HOG Rally this week!

James with his “dream bike.” He was dead set that he wanted a small bike and it had to be red.

My WWII-loving heart wanted this one, personally.

I think these two missed each other.

Catching up on GOT. Arya is such a BAMF.

A much-needed coffee date with my love before work. And caramel drips for dayzzz.

Meeting some friends for lunch.

Prince marks the spot.

Didn’t get a picture of it, but our friends’ mugshot table number was Lil’ Wayne.

The Chuck Norris FTW.

Somebody’s happy to be sitting up with the big people. And also for french fries.

And that’s a wrap! Now I’m off to work on folding my enormous pile of laundry…

Have a great week!

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