In Real Life: Week 33

Happy Sunday! It’s that time again…

Stealing a little introvert time between loads of laundry.


I love that California is rife with Mexican style.

We solute you.

Hello there.

Stay cool, Captain Underpants.

Mama’s little water baby.

Getting some fresh air.

Now that all three of us specialists have the Asthma Educator certification, we decided to spring for the fancy lapel pins!

Check out that pink crane!

Playing with filters again.

I’ve got my eye on you!

This looks like a fragrance ad.

Both of these photos are from last spring. I’m pretty sure I was only a few days pregnant when I took them.

This bear looks like he’s had enough of your shit.

Epic rainbow makers.

Light refraction is cool, yo.

I missed how quiet the hospital is on the weekends.

I can almost hear it echo just by looking at this photo.

C’mon baby… you know you want to.


I was tempted to buy this until I saw the $40 price tag.

I wonder how old these trees are.

The hospital has a player piano. One of these days I’m going to sit down and pretend I’m the one playing it.

Close up.

“Mom! What took you so long?!”

Artemis wants in on bedtime snuggles, too.

Goodnight, miss kitty.

What are you up to in week 34? I hope it’s good!

Much love,


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