In Real Life: Week 34

Happy Sunday, friends! We had a busy, fun-filled week 34! Let’s take a look…

We spent Sunday afternoon eating pizza and talking fantasy football with Pato.

The deep dish was pretty dang delicious.

Pato always makes good restaurant suggestions.

Even if he is a dirty hippy who likes IPAs.

This salad was BOMB.

Seen while walking downtown.

Then Monday was the first day of school! Had to make pancakes for my boy, of course.

Pikachu was ready to rule the school.

I tried to get him to let me take his picture next to the school’s bear statue, but apparently 5th graders are too cool for that.

Did you see the eclipse?

We did.

Even though we weren’t in the path of totality like my Idaho friends, it was still pretty cool! It got noticeably darker and cooler, and there were some pretty cool shadows to be seen.

My colleague went to Idaho to view the eclipse, and brought a taste of home back for me. I do love me a good spud bar!

Somebody must have been feeling generous that day.

Goofing off.

More and more, I think he looks like me.

My current badass bookmark.

There have been so many pretty flowers in my life this week.

Waiting patiently for wedding rehearsal to start.

Bump me, bro.

GIANT palm tree.

Rehearsal dinner digs. Yum yum.

Couldn’t resist hopping in Auntie Critto’s pool with the other kiddos.

I wish I could grow succulents without killing them.

Josie was braiding everybody’s hair just for funsies. She did this in like 5 minutes. AMAZING. I need her to come over and do my hair every day.

Let’s get this party started!

It was such a gorgeous day.

The newlyweds!

The cool kids.

The groom’s 9-year old son was the best man. It was too cute for words.

Also too cute for words? This guy.



And the shoes! Squee!

Chrystal thought of every detail, including putting together these awesome coloring and activity books for the kids!

Can you believe she drew this herself? She’s so talented.

The flower girl and all the guys wore coordinating Vans.

I may have had a bit too much wine.

Such a pretty cake!

I loved all the rustic details.

It has me thinking about renewing our vows so we can have a big party, too.

So much love!


Fancy wedding food.

Mom and brother of the bride. And one very tired baby.

Weddings are exhausting.

So pretty!

Too cool for school.

Everybody had a great time.

Ladies, let’s get into formation.

All of the heart eyes.


How was your week? I hope it was awesome! See you next Sunday…

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