In Real Life: Week 35

I’m changing pace this weekend and sharing our weekly recap a day early, because I may not be able to do it tomorrow. I’ll explain why.


I had a newbie barista at the Verve this week. What an adorable little learner heart.

Pour over, anyone?

That face when your dad dresses you in a loser team’s shirt.

We celebrated our fantasy football marathon draft day with totchos!

Come to mama.

Stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks.

Dinner is so exhausting.

Fresh air break.

I recently resubscribed to Bon Appetit magazine because they had a killer good deal. And it’s making me so happy lately, because the photos and fresh ideas are so inspiring.

Someone has figured out how fun pulling up is.

Can’t go wrong with a Denver omelette.

I don’t think she means her mouth…

Hey! I was using that!

I remember selling these candy bars for band fund-raisers in high school.

We found out this week that my father-in-law is gravely ill.

He deteriorated so suddenly… everyone was taken by complete surprise. We are all having a hard time with it.

We’ve rushed up to northern California to be with him.

The lake near their property was so peaceful this morning. We so needed this breath of air.

We’re doing our best to keep our spirits up.

Finding joy where we can during such a hard time.

Looking for the beauty…

…and the light.

The hospital is doing such a good job of taking care of the entire family.

They’ve placed him in a special room just for patients receiving comfort care, and it is spacious and comfortable and a welcome change from the typical cold hospital room.

We’ll be taking him home tomorrow.

But for today, we are here…

…in love and solidarity.

We so appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray for comfort and peace.

Hopefully I’ll be back next week with a happier report.

In the meantime, lots of love from us to you.


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