In Real Life: Week 37

Here’s how our week 37 looked…

I ate some great food this week… starting with this very tasty breakfast that I made for myself.

Toasty wheat bread, topped with melted pepper jack cheese, and finished off with a drippy poached egg. Perfection.

Dressed to match in our Broncos gear for NFL Sunday. (Even though they didn’t actually play until Monday, lol.)

My cheat for “homemade” salsa? I take already tasty fresh salsa from the store and add chopped green onions and cilantro.

Sandra Lee would be proud.

Jack approves of guacamole. Also, check out those teeth!

Mama’s version of Sunday Funday. #eyeroll

All-day football for me means all-day food. So I set this chicken up to dry brine in the morning, then I butterflied and grilled it in the afternoon. It was marvelous.

Had to lower the crib this week after the little peanut started standing up in it.

Sometimes I like to sleep with one foot out, too.

We had random thunderstorms this week. I think it was the first time I’ve seen lightning since I moved to California.

Snoopy was just begging me to take him home. It was hard to say no.

THIS, however, I can do without right now. Slow your roll, CVS!

Morning snuggles.

I want to be a lazy house cat in my next life.


Robbie’s store had a big event this week and had fresh Mexican food catered.

It had been a pretty frustrating couple of days, and these were just what I needed.

It’s now dark when I leave for work again.


Spent a day renewing my PALS certification this week.

Let’s be honest, the training torsos look a little creepy all stacked up.

Although they have a couple of new, very buff torsos, too. Ken has clearly been working out.

This would make a sick tattoo, don’t you think?

That’s what she said.

Mexican food for lunch two days in a row and I ain’t even sorry.

Anybody else see signs like this and still hear that high-pitched animation show voice finish with “…and no flash photography”?

No? Just me. Ok.

Caution: bumps ahead.

That light. That window. Hallelujah.

Lady Jaye forever.

A palm tree up close.

*whispers* come here.

“But moooooom… why CAN’T I stand up in the bathtub?”


Solar-powered kitty.


Been on a cappuccino kick this week.

I spent an evening in SF with a friend.

I have no desire to live in the big city, but I really enjoy going to visit every once in a while.

Both of these sculptures were part of an interesting art display in a random courtyard between buildings. The only reason we happened to see it was because the elevator from our parking garage happened to open onto it.

I love all the old architecture.

How neat is the top of this building?

Even the Department of Public Health has an interesting facade.

How old do you think this sign is?

Karl the Fog, rolling in.

SF City Hall looks like a state capitol building.

Later it was lit up in red, white, and green, for Hispanic Heritage Month.

There was even a little mariachi festival going on in the courtyard as we walked by on our way to dinner.

Speaking of dinner, we ate at a fabulous little place called Brenda’s French Soul Food.

And by “French soul food” they mean “epic New Orlean’s-inspired cajun.”

I had the chicken etouffee, and OH MAN, IT WAS AMAZING.

Jill had the cornmeal-crusted shrimp po-boy, which she let me try, and it was also freaking delicious.

Of course we also got dessert.

If you ever get the chance to go to Brenda’s, please do yourself the favor of ordering the chocolate bread pudding. The bourbon-caramel sauce alone is worth making the trip for.

Another cappuccino, enjoyed to the last drop.

I wonder if this crack is a relic of the last earthquake.

The outside of the Nourse Theater.

…which was actually the real reason we came to the city.

We came to see Mariska Hargitay talk about her foundation and upcoming HBO documentary.

She was delightful. Warm, funny, charming, and very humble.

I have no doubt that this is the original ceiling inside the theater, as you can see the piping they tried to hide when they added the electrical wiring later on. I love old details like this.

Afterward, we stopped off for coffee and explored the lobby of an old hotel.

Giant chandeliers like this one remind me of the Titanic.

If this room isn’t filled floor-to-ceiling with chocolate, I am going to be seriously disappointed.

Some people have a thing with floors. I have a thing with cool ceilings.

Saturday relaxin’.

How was your week 37? What interesting things did you see and experience?

Have a great week 38!

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