In Real Life: Week 40

Happy week 40, everyone!

Can we take just a moment to celebrate the fact that 40 weeks means that 2017 is now at full term gestation? Hahahahahaha… sorry. I had to.

Cuddle puddle.

Morning is my favorite time of day. Quiet and calm.

Another Sunday at my favorite place.

I tried something new, called a 1-and-1. It’s basically a double shot of espresso that’s been split into a macchiato and a straight shot.

It was interesting. I’ll admit, I’d never had straight espresso before, and it was more bitter than I would really care to drink on a regular basis. But it was also very complex, with fruity notes that become totally hidden when mixed with milk. Yay for new experiences!

Nothing to see here… just a bear riding a whale. Move along now.

This is a lot harder than it sounds.

Our big little city.

Trader Joe’s is basically one giant white girl trap right now.

That’s probably why I went in just to browse and came out with half the store. Whoops.

All of the heart eyes for this.

One pan dinner for the win.

Robbie is lucky I didn’t put all the Halloween stuff out on September 1st.


Even though it still gets up to the 80’s in the afternoons here, the mornings are perfectly chilly with that darker autumn light. Yaaaaas.

The leaves are starting to do their thing, too.

My favorite.

Brothers. <3<3

Grilled chicken fajitas are awesome because a) they taste amazing and b) they require almost no kitchen clean up. A definite win.

Then I took the leftover meat and veggies to work and threw them into some cafeteria tomato soup and it was surprisingly delicious. It must have been that Bon Appetit magazine that made me do it.

Going up.

Sometimes you gotta doodle to stay awake in class.

Before-school Starbucks dates are becoming somewhat of a regular thing.

Gotta start ’em young.


Messes can be beautiful.

I’m glad we got there before the real morning bustle began.

Jack and I went to a music class this week!

I’ve been looking for more opportunities to get him around kids his own age. He wasn’t too sure at first, but it was actually a really good experience. I think we’re going to do more of these!

I’m excited to encourage musical development as Jack gets older.


Mmm, BBQ.

So dank.

Gotta come back so I can try the Nukin’ Futz.

I saved that extra crusty bit for last. So good.


I didn’t realize that getting new tires was gonna be an ALL DAY thing. *eyeroll*

Thank God that Costco has FroYo.

Oh look at the time…

If I had a home office I would hang this above my desk.

Street level.

I’m all about that swirl.

How was your week?

Have a great Sunday!

Much love…


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