In Real Life: Week 41

Here’s a peek at our week 41!

It was really nice to wake-and-bake Sunday morning. (It was also really nice to have hearty oatmeal-banana bread to eat on all week.)

James finally figured out how to ride his bike with no training wheels.

Yes, he’s 10. And yes, I know most kids learn to ride much sooner than this.

But if motherhood has taught me one thing, it’s that each child does things at his own pace…

…and there’s nothing wrong with doing things a little later than everyone else.

Like this guy, who took forever to crawl. But now that he does, no cupboard is safe.


Take a walk.

Our new couch is just a little bit bigger than I think we realized when we bought it. But it is soooooo comfy.

This little guy was sick for a few days this week. He was so miserable, but also so snuggly.

California weather refuses to acknowledge that it’s fall, but that will not stop me from making soup.

The wildfire smoke has been giving everything a strange pink glow.

Calm before the storm.



New (Buddy Holly) glasses!

So sweet.

It’s awfully nice to have a nanny with a floral business.

Good morning…

This giraffe has better eyelashes than I do.

Have you heard of Tea Runners? It’s a pretty awesome subscription service for tea. I just got my first box!

Three guesses which one I had to try first. (PS: It was wonderful, especially with a spoonful of wild honey.)

That light.

Can you believe we’re already halfway through October? This year has just flown…

And that’s a wrap for us!

How was your week?

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