In Real Life: Week 50

Hello friends! Sorry this post is late, but it was just a crazy weekend. Better late than never!

Sunday morning blanket forts!

The best flowers are the ones that he gives just because he was thinking about you.


That’s a big ol’ crane! It’s actually been pretty fun to watch the steel workers assemble this framework.

But, you know, don’t be an idiot.

The employee holiday meal did not disappoint this year!

Bless his heart. I know I should try to discourage him from stealing the ornaments off the tree, but it’s honestly just so much fun to watch him enjoy them.

I don’t want to admit how good this actually was.

Hanging on.

Starbucks Friday with my boys!

Goofing off with Mama while we wait for Daddy.

I love him so much.

Note to self: when two different Indian waiters stop by to make sure you understand that chicken vindaloo is spicy, maybe consider ordering something else.

But if you decide to be brave and order it anyway, cool down with some gelato afterward.

I need a chocolate fountain in my house.

And maybe some adorable lampshade overhead lights.

Saw Brandi Carlile and the twins acoustic on Friday night. I may or may not have cried through her entire set. So amazing.

Nooks and crannies.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Going over the Bay Bridge. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving.)

Golden Gate Pato.

A beautiful morning on the bay.

Perfect for a stroll around the Palace of Fine Arts.


Can you spot the balloon?

“Dude, where are your clothes?”

Checking out his girlfriend.

Alexander ain’t nothin’ to mess with.

I would have loved to have seen these ladies in all their unadulterated glory back in the day.

Being a mom gives me new perspective for paintings like this one.

“Will you hold still so I can put your stupid shirt on?”

“Oh lord, please let him sleep long enough for me to take a shower.”

Lovin’ that door handle.

I’ll have the special.

I highly recommend The Scrap’wich.

The extra-mustardy Hollandaise is also quite amazing.

Places like these are just my style.

And that’s a wrap!

Can you believe Christmas is only 1 week away? And we only have 2 more weeks of 2017? Man, this year has flown.

Have a great week 41!

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