In Real Life: Week 51

I was really proud of how consistently I had shared my weekly photo posts… for 50 weeks in a row, I had shared a recap of our week through photos and comments. But things got crazy the last two weeks of this year, and real life took priority over the blog. And you know what? That’s how life is sometimes. So I’m not gonna shed any tears over it.

But! I did take lots of photos, and I do have them ready to share! So without further ado, here’s the photo recap of week 51!

My sister-in-law clearly understands my taco obsession.

Potluck day at work is the best day. Especially when you work with people from so many different cultures.


I baked a cake! I ate most of it by myself, and then took the rest to work. Because I could.

Lunch with a view.

It was quite possibly the fanciest meal I have ever shared with a baby.

But it was just as tasty as it was fancy.

The trees at work are already starting to bud.

My little wrapping buddy.

And that’s a wrap for week 51! Stay tuned, because week 52 will be following close behind!

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