In Real Life: Week 52

Our week 52 was another crazy one!

Jack and I started it bright and early on a plane to Idaho.

And Santa delivered on my request for a white Christmas!

Snow in my hair makes me happy.

There were Christmas Eve shenanigans at my mom’s house.

We drank…

…we laughed…

…we played.

We left pumpkin pie and milk out for Santa, since we didn’t have any cookies. Santa didn’t mind.

The best gift any mama could ask for!

I gave my sister a hatchimal for Christmas.

She had twins! What a proud mama.

Then we got all dressed up like Elmer Fudd and headed to the boonies to my great-aunt’s house for Christmas dinner.

Christmas on the range.

When you come from a family of cattle ranchers, prime rib is usually on the holiday menu.

The last of the Foreman men.

But Foreman is this guy’s middle name, so he’ll carry the heritage for one generation more.

The Owyhee desert is in my DNA.

This old pioneer church holds so much history for my family.

We’re related, in case you couldn’t tell.


Ready to hunt rock chucks with Grandpa!

What’s this?

Both Jack and I kinda needed a day to lay low after two crazy days of Christmas. So we stayed close to home, and I went out for a little alone time to take photos while he napped.

Side note: aren’t these LuLa Roe leggings fun?

Aside from my family, snow is probably the one thing I miss most about Idaho.

I love the way it hangs in the trees.

And the way it sticks to even the smallest things.

It makes even the simplest details seem special.

Even things that don’t seem to fit with the climate.

And then you get to come back in and warm up with hot cocoa. That’s really the best part.

Jack struggled a lot with separation anxiety this trip. Grandma and Grandpa didn’t get as many snuggles as they were hoping for.

Trying to “play” ended up looking a lot like this most of the time.

But things did get a bit better by the end of the week.

I was even able to leave him with Grandma for a few hours one morning.

And he even decided that he actually wanted to crawl into Auntie Meggie’s lap!

He even made lots of new friends!

Shared racecars and food…

..and played with lots of new toys.

My lap looked like this a lot.

Baby boots! I die.

Stanley and I have been buddies from the beginning. Even if he is now a butthead three-year old, lol.

We spent time with Grandma Carrie and Uncle Mike…

…looked at pretty Christmas lights…

…(always best with snow…

…family, and hot cocoa)…

…and ate lots of good food.

We enjoyed a winter fire…

…and some of our favorite home comforts…

…and spent time with good friends.

Even normal, everyday things are more fun at Grandma’s house.

It was such a good trip.

But, just like 2017, it had to end.

Until next time, Idahome.

Have a great New Years Day, friends! See you next week. 😉

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