In Real Life: Week 2

Happy Sunday, friends! Here’s how our week 2 of 2018 looked…

Sunday started with a gorgeous sunrise.

We finally moved the boys in together! It’s been really, really good for all of us.

Drinking whiskey sour out of a mason jar, like a real redneck girl.

Sup, Poe?

I feel like I haven’t been well since before thanksgiving. Gratefully, chicken soup cures all.

I make this mask look good.

Things that are totally normal when you work at a hospital.

Jack “helping” with laundry.

Cardio is good for mucus clearance.

Bath time legs.

Bomb enchiladas, by Pato.

A week of rain makes for pretty skies.

The usual shenanigans on Starbucks Friday.

Our first real date in MONTHS.

I want one of these pork chops every day, please.

Life is short. Wear the heels.

Sunday morning nature walk with my boys.

It’s awesome to have such nice paths so close to home.

My church.

Good morning, God.

The redwoods are amazing.

There is beauty even in the decay.

He is my sunshine.

How was your week 2? Have a great MLK week!

Take a look at the past:

2017 Week 2

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