In Real Life: Week 3

We had an amazing week 3 of 2018! Come take a look…

Always a kitten at heart.

Working out at 5am has its perks.

Wednesday was my birthday!

After complaining for years that I always wanted an ice cream cake for my birthday when I was a kid, but never got one because no one wants to eat ice cream in the middle of January in snowy Idaho… Robbie came home with this epic, cupcake-shaped ice cream cake. It was as amazing as I always wanted it to be.

That means you, too.

Such a sweet face.


Hi, buddy!

I’m a sucker for a pretty church.

The AARC approves.

LOVE can be found in strange places sometimes.

Believe it or not, there’s actually no filter on this photo. This rose was plenty beautiful on its own.

This year for my birthday, Robbie really went all out.

He took me to beautiful Napa, for a food tour and grown up getaway!

We started the tour with these adorable – and very tasty – lemon-ricotta pancakes, from Alexis Baking Company.

Then we sampled these bomb sliders at Norman Rose Tavern

…and were also treated to a house cocktail called the “Oh My Darling,” aptly named because it heavily features a clementine soda.

We also ventured into Molinari Caffe

…where we got to sample two different house-roasted coffees, including their now famous wine-infused coffee.

Next, we walked to Ca’ Momi for some truly amazing wood-fired pizza.

I loved this place for many reasons, not the least of which was getting to sit at the bar and watch this pro handcraft our pizza.

The owner is also apparently as obsessed with octopusses as I am.

So much so, that they even had a custom octopus tile mosaic done on their pizza oven. So badass.

Their oven also apparently reaches temps of close to 1000 degrees F. And they never turn it off. Like whoa.

Which is probably a big reason why their crust is so damn good.

I really enjoyed myself.

Over at Napa Palisades Saloon, we sampled these fantastic Reuben croquettes. A strange concept, but holy hell, I could have eaten an entire basket.

We walked through some lesser-known parts of downtown Napa, and were treated to views like these.

One of our last stops was The Fatted Calf, where we enjoyed a charcuterie sampler that was outta this world. The Spanish chorizo was so good that I bought an entire (very expensive) sausage to bring home.

We ended our tour at the Oxbow Public Market.

You could buy all kinds of amazing things there, including this local honeycomb that we very nearly came home with.

And these adorable tiny roses.

This is 29.

We enjoyed a lovely sunset walk back to our car.

It was simply stunning.

Then we checked into our hotel and spent our free evening being lazy and enjoying each other. It was bliss.

And later in the evening we ordered room service while we watched TV, because we could.

Bed hair, don’t care.

In the morning light, we finally got to see the true beauty of our little resort.

We stayed at a swanky hotel at a winery, and every detail of the place felt like Italy.

The crown jewel of our stay was the spa time and couples massage that Robbie booked for us.

Yes, it says “cave,” because yes, it’s underground.

Please tell me I’m not the only person who sees a face in that door.

After our luxurious spa treatments, we took a short walk up to the vineyard.

Gorgeous is an understatement.

Beauty is in the details.

Are we in California, or Scotland?

Good morning, Mary.

Out to pasture.

I am so grateful for this weekend away. We needed it more than I can explain.

Sometimes leaving home is the best way to remember that it is my happy place.

How was your week 3?

Enjoy your week 4! See you next Sunday…

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