In Real Life: Week 7

Happy Sunday! Come take a look at our week 7 of 2018!

Splashing around is the best part of bath time.

Caught these little bandits looking awfully suspicious when I went to leave for work.


Cheesin’ with our new babysitter!


Robbie isn’t really into commercial holidays, but I couldn’t resist getting this for him.

Valentine’s Day happens to also be Pato’s birthday, so we went to dinner to celebrate together!

We went to an awesome Japanese restaurant and had some adventurous food.

My Gaijin palate preferred the easier things, like these epic pork buns.

Bacon-wrapped Enoki mushrooms were pretty tasty, too.

There is also a lovely version of this shot without the finger photobomb, but I actually like this one better.

Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re stuck in traffic is to just take a breath and enjoy the view.

Half mast, for yet another tragedy. Please Lord, let us be done with these atrocities soon.

Always looking for the light.

Homemade samosas are quickly becoming my favorite part of work potluck day.

Satisfying a craving.

Life always finds a way.

Feeling cute in my Friday Mom uniform.

Pancake mornings are always the best.

Jack agrees.

Went to the nursery and got some new plants to play with.

I think this air plant might be my current favorite.

Sweet sleeping baby feet.

Takin’ a moment just to chill.

We stole Daddy away from work for an afternoon ice cream break.

Happy Friday!

On Saturday I took the boys to the zoo!

We rode the carousel…

…and explored the children’s area…

…saw a genuine tortoise…

…and then pretended to be one ourselves!

We saw both an alligator and a crocodile – and even got to learn the difference!

And checked out the giraffes in the Africa exhibit.

We didn’t actually see quite as many animals as I would have liked.

But that’s okay, because we still had a really great time together.

We goofed around…

…and rode the gondola…

…and just really enjoyed ourselves. And that’s what really matters.

Jack and I played with some fun bathtub paint soap that we found.

This cat is not so happy to be in a hat.

After we moved Jack into James’ room, I claimed his old crib space for myself. Robbie painted his old desk white for me, and I’ve been really enjoying having it as my own space.

Bedtime shenanigans: “So it’s the first thing Jack will see when he gets up in the morning.”

“C’mon mom. Hurry up and lie down so we can snuggle already.”

And that’s a wrap! Have a great week 8!

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Week 7 2017

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