In Real Life: Week 8

Hello, friends! Here’s how our week 8 of 2018 looked…

Out for a Sunday stroll with my main man.

Joe Cool, right here.

Touches of V-day spirit everywhere.

My preferred candy heart would say, “BRING ME TACOS.”


Can I have one of these lotus lamps, pretty please?


I went a little Crazy Plant Lady last weekend.

I had one of these plants when I was a kid. It makes me stupidly happy to have one on my desk now. (Plus they’re basically impossible to kill, which is a definite advantage for me.)

Quiet time for mama.

Sunday night nacho sitch.

Eating guac like it’s his job.

I hope these two always like each other this much.

Rise and grind, baby.

Can you believe I’ve been working out consistently for 2 months now? Feels really good. Especially when I’ve got that post-leg day swell going on.

RELAXED to the max.


Almost ready to submit my application to grad school.

I wonder if kids these days will even understand that VCR once referred to a video recording. Or that cheap VCRs could eat your tapes if you weren’t careful.

You know. Totally normal terrarium stuff.

Part of me still wants to be a barista.

Ermagherd, it’s Starbucks Friday!

Getting to be such a big boy.

He’ll always be my baby, though.

Date night!

Hers and His.

My dad would approve.

Come to mama.

Tempted to decorate my house with some branches like those.


I don’t know how people smoke a pack or more of these a day. I took two drags and have had a cough and a sore throat ever since. Gross.

And that’s a wrap for week 8! What’s on your agenda for week 9? Whatever it is, I hope it’s good!

Look into the past!

Week 8: 2017

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