In Real Life: Week 16

Hello friends! A day late with the photo recap this week, but it’s worth the wait, I promise!

Strawberry shortcake on Sunday.

I’ve never seen ice used a garnish before, but this giant cube was totally rocking it.

Hello, pretty poppies!

BBQ chick FTW.

My boys. ❤ (Also, James is totally against brushing his hair these days.)

Isn’t every week Doctors’ Week?

Afternoon doodlin’.

I sketched my lavender bush. Not bad for a first attempt, if I may say so.

“What? You moved, so it’s mine now.”

The highlight of our week was having Grandma come to visit!

It was perfect timing, as Food Truck Friday kicked off while she was here.

YOLO fries because, well, YOLO.

It was a gorgeous evening to spend at the park.

Gettin’ saucey over here.

Cheesin’ with friends.

…and making new ones.

Trying new things with Daddy.

Food Truck Friday is definitely worth a dab.

This reminds me of an old photo: “You been farmin’ long?”

Of course mom and I had to go down to the cliffs.

We were just in time to catch the sunset.

The ocean breathes salty. Won’t you carry it in?

Then Saturday, Grandma watched the boys while Robbie and I left for most of the weekend. We were so grateful to get away for a while! Sometimes mom and dad just need some alone time.

I got out the big camera and took photos while Robbie played airsoft. I am so rusty with this thing!

I love the post-apocalyptic feel of the field.

It really is the perfect place to play airsoft.

I got some good action shots with my Canon, but I haven’t had time to go through them yet. But I did get a few details with my phone.

The graffiti is prolific and awesome.

Never enough patches.

I definitely smashed this into my face.

Then I went and saw Ready Player One while Robbie played the afternoon game. I liked it, even though it was significantly different from the book. Have you seen it? What did you think?

Casual eats before date night.

Sorry, Robbie. There’s a new man in town.

We stopped in at this neat little cigar shop. Apparently their liquor license is coming soon. 10/10 would definitely come back.

There’s something so manly about a cigar to me.

This little sundae gem is called The Bee’s Knees.

Can you taste it?

Downtown Monterey.

I’m not sure what’s happening here.

I think he’s checking me out.

This was a fun photo to take while intoxicated. (Also a fun one to edit.)

I got so many compliments on my shoes.

Foggy morning breakfast views. It’s not every day you get to see a jellyfish swimming around while you eat pancakes!

Robbie said this guy reminded him of Oliver, with the begging for food and all.

When we finally got home, I took mom down to the cliffs one last time before we headed to the airport.

This beach house is living its best life.

Until next time…

…have a great week!

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