In Real Life: Week 24

Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads out there!

Here’s a peek at our week 24:

My crazy plant lady adventures continue with these beautiful mini roses.

And these lovelies, whose name I’m not sure of. Black-eyed Susans? Coneflowers? Doesn’t matter… they’re pretty and they make me smile. 🙂

Someone enjoyed his pudding.

A decent gimmick.

I think I have my homemade mojito recipe down. The addition of lime-flavored sparkling water was just the finisher I needed.

More epic food adventures with Pato! Pineapple fried rice in a pineapple? Yes, please!

I could eat these summer rolls every day.

Crying tiger beef! with a side of Pato finger, because it wouldn’t be dinner with Pato without at least one photo this way.

I spent the last half of the week on stay-cation!

Jack and I kicked it off with a trip to the beach!

Because I understand that Capitola gets crazy crowded, even during the middle of the week, we got there mid-morning to snag a good spot.

Our little pop-up shade was super easy to set up!

It made for a great place to nap in the afternoon for the peanut.

He actually took a nice long nap, which made for some very nice mama time with my rose spritzer and my book.

We spent a lot of time digging in the sand and playing with our bucket full of water, which was apparently much less scary than the ocean for Mr. Jack.

We also chased our beach ball around quite a bit, and Jack kept trying to play catch with the bigger kids nearby.

We finished the day off with some ice cream, of course! Except that this little stinker stole my cone from me and then didn’t want to share! I don’t blame you, buddy… that peanut butter cup ice cream was pretty dang tasty.

This cat has no chill.

I am so grateful for all the good time I’ve had with my little guy this week. He melts my heart every day.

I mean, c’mon… how could you not love this face?

Big brother is spending most of the summer with his mom this year, but he’s back for the weekend! And he’s a little particular about his privacy these days, which I’m doing my best to respect.

Side note: look at those feet! He and I almost wear the same size shoe now, can you believe it?

Happy Pride to all those who celebrate!

It’s back to the grind for me tomorrow, which means back to productivity mode today.

Have a great Father’s Day! See you next week!

Let’s take a look into the past…

2017 Week 24

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