In Real Life: Week 27

Happy Monday, friends! How was your first week of July?

I think this might be my favorite birthday board yet.

Coco Puffs are the only cereal that gets better the longer it’s in milk.

It’s a Jack in a box!

“Hey Jack, do Superman!” I die.

Java still life.

Gotta love those jet stream clouds.

We had intentions of spending the 4th at the pool, but it was overcast and chilly and we were all so exhausted… we stayed in our jammies, ordered pizza, and watched a Lord of the Rings marathon instead. And it was just what we needed.

Jack’s latest trick is taking his diaper off. He’s also obsessed with stealing other people’s hats. Makes for an interesting fashion statement.

I just can’t stay away.

I seriously can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night.

Especially when we get treated to gorgeous sunsets like this one.

Friday night lights.

Saturday morning snuggles.

Dude at the antique fair tried to tell me this thing was called a hippocampus.

Nah brah, that’s a dang seahorse.

(Side note: I looked it up, and dude was right. The hippocampus was a Greek mythological monster that was literally a sea horse. It’s also a part of the brain that is thought to play a role in emotion and long-term memory, and it was so named because it’s shaped like a seahorse. Learned something new!)

All dressed up for a double date night!

My drink had like 4 different kinds of rum in it but tasted just like juice and I could have drunk an entire pitcher of it if they’d let me.

A lost souvenier.

“Those kitties are going down.”

Welcome to Surf City, USA.

I don’t even know what’s happening here.

I bet it really sucked for Chewie when that bubble popped.

It’s the start of another week, which means another chance to get things right! Let’s kick some ass this week, shall we?

Take a look into the past…

2017 Week 27

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