In Real Life: Week 28

Happy Sunday, friends! I’m a little more on top of things this week, so I actually have this week’s post ready on Sunday for a change, lol! Let’s take a look.

The neighborhood kids had fun with chalk this week. Yay!

It was SO HOT for the first half of the week – cooking was just not happening. I had chips and salsa for dinner one night and didn’t feel even a little bad about it.

They’re redoing the landscaping at work, and the new wood chips smell so good.

I think Bob Ross would have described these as happy little flowers.

The bees love these guys.

Good advice for all of us.

I’ve been making the beach a priority this summer, in case you couldn’t tell.

Friday was the perfect day for it, too.

Jack is finally starting to warm up to the beach experience, too, thankfully.

We were lucky enough to be near another family with toddlers, and these two had a blast throwing the football back and forth.

Then later on Jack kept picking up his bucket, expertly hooking the handle into the crook of his elbow, and then waving “bye-bye” as if he were off to go buy some eggs and milk. It was insanely adorable.

We enjoyed some Thai food with a view…

…and an adult beverage for mama.

Lady Ophelia in her native habitat.

Hamming it up. ❤

This mini is clearly living its best life.

Gotta love summer mornings.

Jack has – miraculously – been sleeping quite late in recent weeks. This weekend it meant that mama got to sleep in and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before the chaos ensued. I could definitely get used to it!

Then Jack and I went to our first baby swim lesson! No photos of that, unfortunately. But post-pool towels on car seats definitely brought back many childhood summer memories.

Mud mask and tea for a wild solo Saturday night. (PS: If you’re interested in trying some seriously awesome skin care products, hit me up.)

And that’s a wrap for this week! Have a great week ahead, loves!

Let’s take a look into the past…

2017 Week 28

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