In Real Life: Week 29

Hello, friends! My apologies for the late post, but as you will see, we were just too busy having fun yesterday!

First, let’s throw it back to last Sunday.

I’ll never get tired of this place.

…or their simply perfect latte.


Trying out some headbands with a little retro bow. I’m not 100% sold yet. What do you think?

Pizza vibes at Woodstock’s.

A summer soak.

My favorite part about summer.

I gave this peanut his first haircut last weekend!

Even though I’d never cut anyone’s hair before, I knew Jack would never let anyone else touch his head. (He barely lets the doctor touch him. /sigh) So I plopped him in his high chair, turned on his favorite movie to distract him, and went to town.

Of course, he wouldn’t let me get a good after picture. But I think it turned out alright! Thank god for YouTube, amiright?

I may or may not have pulled over just to take a photo of these adorable giant fishing poles.

Pato makes some pretty excellent home brew!

No regrets.


I commend their commitment.

Feeling pretty.

Lazy, long-weekend mood.


Yup, this giant blue ball came home with us. It was worth it to hear him loudly exclaim, “ball!” every time he throws it.

If you like to live dangerously, put your brush water right next to your drinking cup.

Partying it up on Friday night.

Not sure why, but I really like this one. I’m tempted to do some brush scripting and put a quote or something on it. Any suggestions?

Such a sweetheart.

Fur baby.

Rocking the awesome BSU-colored swimsuit that Grandma Carrie got him for week 2 of swim lessons.

We played hard at the pool, and then came home and rested with a movie.

He even let me doze for a bit before climbing all over me to wake me up. Stinker.

Be a good boy…

We ventured to Oakland to see the Giants play the A’s for the Battle of the Bay!

The Broncos fan in me wanted to barf a little bit.

This is what happens when you’re married to someone who hates to have his picture taken.

My American boys.

The Coliseum is a bit more ghetto than AT&T Park. But then again, so is Oakland in comparison to San Francisco.

No matter. It was still a great day for baseball!

Even if the Giants did lose in extra innings.

Helmet nachos almost made up for it.

It’s tough being a toddler.

The walk back to Bart definitely made me feel like we were in the city.

If heavy drums don’t make you wanna move, you should check your pulse.

Got this shot by total accident while we were walking by, and it might be my favorite from the whole day.

Can you believe that week 30 is upon us now? Where has this year gone?! Make it a great one!

Let’s take a look into the past…

2017 Week 29

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