In Real Life: Week 2

Hi friends! Let’s take a look at week 2 of 2021…

Oliver has been very in everyone’s business lately.

Laundry baskets are really just boxes with holes. And they’re even more fun when mischievous little boys like to push you around in them.

Even a shelf makes a nice cubbie.

We’ve had some gorgeous weather this week! Made me wonder if it was really January at times…

Cafeteria killing it again with this chicken curry-inspired salad.

I was so excited to get my order from Shutterbean! And most of this is free goodies… I only ordered two things! Thanks for hooking a girl up, Tracy!

Pro-tip: don’t eat like 4 of these back-to-back. You will end up with a stomach ache.

Me, to random girl also looking at planters in Target: “Did quarantine turn you into a crazy plant lady too?”

Her: *laughs* “Yep. No regrets.”

My crazy plant lady-ness even extends to work. Yes, I have a grow light in my office.

Finally, a conversation heart that gets me.

This provided a much-needed giggle.

Trying a new nightstand setup.

It’s rather luxurious to be able to take a bath in the morning before work.

A welcoming altar.

Flowers for no reason really are the best.

These KN95 masks always make me feel like I have a beak.

Saying goodbye to my office for the next 3 weeks.

I had surgery on Friday. Nothing major, a quick in and out.

Oliver knew something was up, though, and insisted on giving me extra snuggles.

I can’t explain how much I love having live music in my house.

And today was my birthday!

I love that my mama still wraps my gifts before she sends them.

One of those wrapped gifts was the little lady on the left. Lady on the right is one Mom gave me a few years ago… they look like they’re going to be best buds.

Felt good enough for a walk today.

Handy references to estimate 6 feet of distance…

Does this look like your childhood?

Where I root.

An epic birthday dinner. SO GOOD.

See you soon!

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